Campaigns in Public Relations: Breakfast

How many Public Relations campaigns can you think of that actually had persuaded you to feel or believe something specific? How about Breakfast? Edward Bernays was a master in Public Relations in America, he was gifted with having the ability to transform the opinions of America, this campaign was a considerable early campaign, introduced in . Edward Bernays was an early leader in the public relations world and had the ability and techniques to influence  and shape public opinions, he had taken the bland and bare-boned American breakfast and transformed the public opinion on Bacon and Eggs by promoting and proving that it is a heavier and beneficial breakfast.

The way he was able to achieve this was through the way he publicized his campaigns, he often had professional help from doctors, which ultimately added truth to his statements, gaining the trust from the general public. in 1971 Bernays wrote “Public relations, effectively used, helps validate an underlying principle of our society — competition in the market place of ideas and things,” Public relations and simple advertising are similar however are different, But what suggests that Bernays Campaign that created an All-American breakfast was a form of Public Relations and not just the simple form of advertising? This was a form of public relations rather then advertisement as public the media will pick up and publish the story because they consider it newsworthy, not as a paid advertisement. Where as with advertisement you are pitching to sell something, whilst having full control of what is being displayed or sold.

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